Kate Booth Photography

Kate Booth Photography

I started doing photography about 5 years ago, because my husband and daughter happened to buy me a new camera for Mothers Day. I grabbed the camera, and started photographing the surfers. At first nothing great was coming of it, but I kept getting better, and I kept at it, and I started getting recognized

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Portraits of the Jersey Shore Cancer Lori and Family

Chance Encounter Turns into Meaningful Connection

“My husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in April. Since then we’ve been thru chemo, radiation and surgery. We have recently learned of new nodules in my husbands lungs. It’s been a crazy 2015 to say the least. I would love to get some nice family photos with our newest additions (their dogs, Shiba Inus) and while Matt is feeling well. Would mind taking a few for us?”

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