A message of Hope and Inspiration...

A message of
Hope and Inspiration

Gregory’s message is one of Hope and Inspiration. Founder of the prolific Portraits of the Jersey Shore Facebook page with over 60,000 followers, Gregory has learned the key to overcoming life’s greatest difficulties and challenges: Hope and Inspiration. Raised in an abusive home, alcoholic by 13, homeless by 18, and a decade of hopelessness at the mercy of the kindness of others, Gregory was a lost soul. But a near-death experience changed all of that, and Gregory found a brand new lease on life and a life-changing perspective that changed his trajectory forever. Realizing that his life is a miracle, Gregory found Hope and Inspiration for himself, and has been sharing that very hope and inspiration with thousands each week on his social media pages, newsletters and talks.

Through his talks, people will learn that they too can live a life of Hope and Inspiration, and how to share that very hope with others. Having spoken at colleges, high schools, rehabs, homeless shelters, churches and non-profit fundraisers, Gregory’s captivating dynamic stories and warm, engaging manner will have many walking away excited that they too can live a life of Hope and Inspiration.

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Gregory Andrus

“Gregory’s ability to connect with our clients was amazing. Many of them were thrilled to share their own individual stories and found Gregory to be very inspirational. I would highly recommend Gregory as a speaker to any organization.”

Monica Nydick
Director, Waters & Sims Employment Services

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Portraits of the Jersey Shore Girl Follows Her Dreams
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"Gregory presented a sincere message about hope and compassion that our students easily connected with. His desire to celebrate the uniqueness of individuals and share their stories made for an engaging presentation that our students truly enjoyed."

Brian Post
Vice Principal at Howell High School

If you would like to inspire people in your organization, church or school to be leaders of compassion in a world that desperately needs it,
look no further than Gregory Andrus of Portraits of the Jersey Shore.

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