The Ocean. The Beaches. The Boardwalk.

This Is the Jersey Shore

Follow author and photographer Gregory Andrus as he chronicles, reflects, and details the life, the sights, the sounds, and the wonder that is the beloved Jersey Shore. With captivating photos,  compelling videos, and engaging writings, Gregory has inspired followers both near and far to see the transcendence of the Jersey Shore.

Be sure to follow weekly updates from Gregory as he traverses the entire Jersey Shore on foot for his next book,
"A Walk Along the Jersey Shore."

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Gregory Andrus, Founder of Portraits of the Jersey Shore

Ocean, Sky, Beaches, and Boardwalks.

This is the Jersey Shore.

Sand, Sea & Rescue

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Discover this beautiful coffee table book filled with compelling first-person stories, alluring photos, and 25 audio recordings of Jersey Shore lifeguards.

Photos and Videos

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It is Gregory's quest to be a light of compassion through his portraits. Get a glimpse at what is to come in his upcoming book, "A Walk Along the Jersey Shore".



Gregory is available to speak at churches, schools, conferences, and other events, sharing about his past and his mission to highlight the dignity of all.

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