Meet Gregory

Gregory Andrus is an author, speaker, photographer, and founder of Portraits of the Jersey Shore.

Having overcome alcoholism and homelessness as a young man, he has found a deep faith and a ruling conviction that every single person has dignity and worth. He highlights the dignity of everyday people he meets as well as showcases the transcendent beauty of the Jersey Shore along the coastal towns of New Jersey.

Featured in newspapers such as The Atlantic City Press, and on TV on News12 New Jersey, Gregory has made it his life’s mission to share inspiration, hope, and love to every person who comes across his books, his speaking engagements, or his posts on Facebook and Instagram.

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Gregory with his wife and two children posing on the beach

Having interviewed thousands of strangers over the last six years to hear their unique stories, Gregory is convinced that we can find peace, wellness, hope, and healing through the ancient communication of sharing stories.  That is why he is passionate about sharing these stories and his own with audiences across the state.

With a strong community of over 60,000 followers on Facebook

He has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to help the homeless,
to spotlight worthy organizations that help the marginalized,
and to spread awareness of programs that serve people in addiction and recovery

—all while daily featuring the stories of the people he meets
on the streets, boardwalks and beaches of the beloved Jersey Shore.