But for the Grace of God Go I

I remember how cold it was when I walked into the basement of the church, a broken, hungry, lonely young man hoping for a respite from the relentless challenges I faced. I was gripped by alcoholism, renting a room in a boarding house in which others faced their own struggles, and I felt hopeless. The …

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Yes, You ARE Worthy of Love

 I went out for fresh interviews this past weekend in downtown Toms River. I didn’t have a lot of time, as I had a family event on the schedule, so I had a little less than an hour to meet people and hear their stories. Some days it can take quite a while to get …

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The Sacred Story of Mental Illness

The vast majority of people I interview are people I have never met before. I come across them in seemingly random encounters (though I do not believe anything in life is truly random). When they choose to open up to me, I believe deeply that each story shared is significant, unique…sacred. That each person who …

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3 Words that Can Change Your Life

Standing in front of me was the man I had been so incredibly hurt by. The man from whom I ran from for 10 years. The man I swore I would never talk to again…When I said those words, it was like fresh, pure waters washed my soul clean, and I felt a peace that I had not felt perhaps my entire life.

Changing of the Guard

It has been a long, hot, very humid summer at the shore this year. Not that my boys and I minded at all. We basically lived at Seaside Park, with trips to Avon-by-the Sea, Asbury Park and Island Beach State Park beaches mixed in. Summer is by far my favorite season BECAUSE of the allure …

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What We Look at and How We See

For some, they felt I was glorifying a bad habit. What in reality I was doing was sharing a portrait of a young, struggling, anxious father who needed to feel loved, cared about, and embraced, regardless of his still-standing habits.