Changing of the Guard

It has been a long, hot, very humid summer at the shore this year. Not that my boys and I minded at all. We basically lived at Seaside Park, with trips to Avon-by-the Sea, Asbury Park and Island Beach State Park beaches mixed in. Summer is by far my favorite season BECAUSE of the allure of the New Jersey beaches and being able to play in the ocean and sand for a few months.




Now that Labor Day is over, there is a changing of the seasonal guard. We shore-dwellers get a few weeks of “Local Summer,” while at the same time noticeable changes take place from summer to fall. I have found that I tend to get nostalgic, even sad, when summer comes to an end. There is just something so magical about summer at the shore, and I wish it would never end. The fact that it will be another nine months before summer returns doesn’t help. But I will admit that we in New Jersey are blessed with all four seasons, and with the help of my wife – who loves fall and winter – I am learning to appreciate the beauty that are the colder months. And I do admit that fall allows for some beautiful scenery to enjoy and take photos of.




I also enjoy going to places I do not usually go to for new interviews, such a Allaire State Park, Argos Farms, Cattus Island, and Chester (I know, not a “shore town” but a beautiful place to visit in the fall).

That leads me to asking you two questions: What are your favorite places to visit in the fall in New Jersey, especially at the shore (though you can tell me about anywhere in NJ)?

My other question is: Should I keep my interviews to places only at the shore in the off-season, as my name suggests…or would you like me to interview people at places outside the shore in other parts of NJ that my family and I visit?

For now though, my family will continue to enjoy local summer, while we pray we are spared this very busy hurricane season. Be sure to let me know what you favorite fall places are to visit in the comments below as I get plan my future POTJS excursions!

As always, thanks for being a part of the POTJS journey! ~ Gregory Andrus