Hoping for a Better 2018 - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

Looking Ahead to a Better 2018

“2017 was really tough. Last year I battled cancer, went through a divorce after 21 years of marriage, I lost my mother, and also lost my job. All in one year. But I have to have faith things will get better. I start my new job next week, and I still have my kids in my life, and my cancer is in remission. I was sober for over 20 years going into last year, and I stayed sober through that entire ordeal. I believe in a higher power, and that helped me through so much. I am hoping for a better year this year.”


faith to keep going - one mans battle through cancer, divorce, the loss of his mom and job, and he still has the strength to keep going. #faith #inspire #cancer #sober #inspirational #portraitsofthejerseyshore

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