A Grandfathers Legacy - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

A Grandfathers Legacy

“I am a photographer and an artist. I try to capture people being raw and in the moment. Social media is flooded with people only sharing their best photos in their best moments, like, ‘Hey, look at me! I’m in Florida!’ And life isn’t always like that. I want to capture the real day-to-day of what we all experience, but never share with each other. I want to get to the realness of life with my art.

“My Grandpa was an artist and a photographer. I never met him, but my mom told me all about him, and I have a lot of his pictures in my room. My Grandfather’s art was really good, and it really inspired me a lot. He sadly died when my mom was young. But I want to continue his legacy with my work now, and I find it really relaxing and calming. I eventually want to get into art therapy in the future and use my passion to help others.”

~ Keyport

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