“I Have Been battling Depression 22 Years. Now I Say: So What? I am going to Live My Life!”

“I have gone from not having a date in 22 years to having had two the last week, and possibly a third one today if she calls back. 

“I never dated because I battled with depression and low self-esteem all of these years. There was always this little voice in the back of my head saying… ‘One: You are not good-looking, Two: You are a boring, dorky loser, and three: It is not fun to be around someone who has not gone more than 180 days without a suicidal thought.’ 

“I have now pretty much reached the point where I am like, ‘Ok, fine, I don’t care what the voice in the back of my head says anymore.’ The depression used to love that voice and it was like, ‘See here is quantifiable proof, here are the actual numbers.’ But now I am like, ’So what? Big deal! I am going to live my life!’

“And then New Year’s Eve this woman I hadn’t seen in a couple of years asked me out, and I was ready. We went out on New Year’s Day to Denny’s, then yesterday we went to Dunkin’ Donuts, and today we are supposed to go out to get coffee…if she rings back.”

~ Hamilton Mall