I Don’t Want To Drink. But I Just Can’t Seem To Stop.

“I am homeless, I live in a tent, and I live on SSI. I am 60 years old, and they tell me I owe child support. I haven’t talked to my two grown up daughters or my wife in a very long time. I am an alcoholic. I admit it. I can go for a little while without drinking. But I just can’t stop. I have several times wound up in the hospital from my drinking. When I get drunk I can’t remember anything that happened. Just recently I hit my head and had to go to the hospital. I blacked out. I have no idea what happened or how I got hurt. It’s been about a week since that happened, and I haven’t had a drink since then. I don’t want to drink. I hate it. But i just cannot seem to stop.”

~Warming Center at Bay Ave Assembly of God Church, Toms River 

(POTJS Note: This is part I of my series of interviews and experiences visiting a warming center on Tuesday night.)