An Interview with the Future of Asbury park

Future Mayor of Asbury Park

“I had a baby while in high school, and that made me want to grow up. I joined a summer program through Brookdale College, and one of the things they had me do was volunteer to help the community, so I signed up to help out with Serve 24 outreach here today. I am going to go to Brookdale in the fall, and major in Political Science. I want to become a lawyer, but my big dream is to become the mayor of Asbury Park.

“I like how they have started to fix up the town, but if I become mayor, I will fix it up more and make the whole city beautiful, because I have a lot of pride in Asbury Park. We have an amazing beach, the most beautiful one in New Jersey. We also have many different ethnicities that live here, which is great. As mayor, I would tell people, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover. This is a special town.’ Sometimes people will judge me, and I will prove them wrong simply by having a conversation with them, and show them how intelligent I am.”

~ Asbury Park