My Wife Changed My Life - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

My Wife Changed My Life

“My wife got me this sweatshirt. We have been married a year and two months. She is really outgoing, fun, but strict as well. I wanted to marry her because she helped me turn my life around. I used to be into hard drugs and drinking liquor. She got me out of that. I completely stopped because she cared about me. She pushes me to be a better as a man.

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“Before we got married, I lived in New York City, and she lived in Elizabeth, and we never missed a weekend together. Every weekend, no matter what, we saw each other. And now that we are married, we have never been apart for a single day. We have a little baby girl now too, Zoey. Everything I do is for my family now. I am a very blessed man.”

~ Seaside Heights

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