Brothers And Teammates - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

Brothers and Teammates

Right: “We’re brothers. I am 18, he’s 17. We are on the same high school baseball team. I play centerfield, and he plays shortstop.”

Left: “Our toughest times together have been over sports. We are always trying to outplay each other and sometimes get into arguments. We are so competitive with each other. But after the games, we always are good with each other again.”

Right: “My proudest moment as a brother was in little league. We won the championship together. It was so great to be able to celebrate that with him. We have had a lot of great times together. We’re really close.”

Brotherly love - Portraits of the Jersey Shore Inspirational stories, brothers who have a deep love for one another through sports. #family #inspire #brothers #athletes

Left: “One time I remember there was this one game. I kept making errors and I was really down on myself. He came over to me and he told me to not worry about it, to slow down, think it through, and not beat myself up. That meant a lot to me. He is the best brother. He really is. I have learned everything from him.”

~ Seaside Heights

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