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It is Hard for Me to Recover from the Divorce

“I have two boys that are eight and three that I see every other weekend. I don’t get to see them nearly as often as I would like. Their mother and I were married for eight years before she left me. The deal was when she and I were getting a divorce that she would keep them close to me. But after the divorce was finalized, she moved a hundred miles away.

“I think it is too easy to get a divorce. When people say their vows, they are saying it is supposed to be forever. But I don’t think people really mean that anymore. What people seem to really mean when they say their vows is, ‘I will stay with you until things get bad, then I am gone.’

“It is hard for me to recover from the divorce. I have been trying to find a way to move on that is productive, but it is hard to find the strength some days. It’s hard finding a balance between moving somewhere to start my life over, and wanting to stay here at the shore to stay close to my boys. It is so nice when I do get to see them. They are amazing. But it is hard when they leave. Everything just goes quiet. It can put you in a funk after they leave.”

~ Brick

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