From Valet to Man on a Mission - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

From Valet to Man on a Mission

“One night I was working valet parking at a hospital. A car pulled up to us, and the driver got out in a panic asking for help. We couldn’t figure what was wrong right away, but I opened the passenger door and there was a person passed out convulsing. We got him into a wheelchair and got him in the hospital. A nurse later found me and told me that I saved that man’s life with my quick thinking. That meant a lot to me.

“Being a valet is tough. People I worked for didn’t treat us fairly and with respect, so I decided to start my own family-based company where the valet drivers would be treated with dignity. But my new company wasn’t doing well and I got discouraged, so I eventually pulled back for a while.

“But I kept praying about it, and one day I got a call to do valet at a restaurant for an assemblyman. That one job opened the door wide open for me to do valet for politicians all over the state, and business has been good. After that door opened I have never doubted that this is the work God has for me to do. God is really using me now. As my company grows, I am able to give jobs and security to other people, because God has given this job to me.”

~ Point Pleasant Borough
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