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I Was Supposed to Have it All Figured Out Already

“My parents were married for 27 years. When I was growing up their marriage was really happy and great, and I would think, ‘Wow, I really want this.’ But 7 years ago they ended up getting a divorce. It was a really bad divorce. And it was hard on me. I started to doubt myself and question myself. I would think, ‘Did I do something? Could have I helped prevent it in any way?’

“I started having little doubts, little question marks, and it was hard not to put the blame on myself. It was a part of my life I did not have planned. But their divorce really made me realize that I need to take a step back and appreciate where I am at in life.

“A lot of my friends are getting married now, having babies, and I am still single. For the longest time it has felt like this was the place in my life where I was supposed to have it all figured out. I had a plan to be married, maybe have my first kid by now, and be in a committed relationship. It was frustrating for me. I invested so much time thinking how my life will turn out. But when those plans didn’t work out, I had to learn to accept it.

“What I am most excited about in life now are the possibilities. I do not need to know the destination until I get there. I believe it will all come together for me. When you least expect it, things will work out, and I really believe that now.”

~ Point Pleasant Borough

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