War Veteran, Hero, and Car Mechanic - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

War Veteran, Hero, and Car Mechanic

Joe (Left): “I was up to my eyeballs with work here at the shop. We had so many cars that needed to be fixed. One day my buddy came by said to me, ‘Do you need more help? How do you get it all done?’ I said, ‘It is very difficult. I am working 17 hour days right now.’ He said ‘Have you thought about getting help?’ I told him, ‘People tell me all the time they have someone who they will send over to talk to me to help, but no one ever shows up.’ He told he had a friend who was looking for work. I told him to send him over, and Chris here showed up 20 minutes later. I wound up talking to him for over an hour. When you talk to Chris, you can’t help but fall in love with the guy. He is a sincere, honest, loyal person. He went through a lot serving our country overseas too. I hired him that day.”

Chris: “I love working here with Joe and his wife Patty. They are so nice and I see how honest they are with their customers. They really care about them and that is important to me. They are genuinely such good people.

“I served overseas in the war, came back, got bored, and volunteered to go back again. I served in Afghanistan the second time. I saw a lot over there. We were hit by RPG’s, land mines, and our jeep was hit by a mortar shell. I got wounded while serving over there, but here I am, still one piece.”

Joe: “There is one thing I can tell you, is that we are so proud that Chris works for us. We all have individual challenges, but if there is one thing in my world that can take me from zero to one hundred it is Chris’s laugh. After all he has gone through, he can still laugh and light up everyone’s day. God bless him for serving our country and God has blessed us by bringing him to our shop.”

~ PJ’s Family Auto Care, Pt Pleasant Borough

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