New chance at life - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

New Chance at Life

“I didn’t grow up here. I moved here from North Jersey because my my mom passed away in 2013. I miss my mom so dearly. I’ve seen abuse towards my mom growing up, and I been through it too. I later struggled with addiction for a very long time. A few years ago I was with someone getting high, and he O.D’d and dropped dead right in front of me. That really freaked me out and that was it. It just completely clicked for me and I stopped using after that.

“I know God still has me alive for a reason. After I stopped using for good, I got pregnant with my daughter, and she is my whole world. She is going to turn two soon. Now that I’m a mommy I’d go to any lengths for her. I suffer from depression and separation anxiety when she is with her father and I’m not around my beautiful Cheyenne.

“But this February 14th I will be three years clean – I cannot believe it is three years now! And now that I have a home, and am on a good path, I am so excited for mine and Cheyenne’s future.”

~ Keansburg

alive for a purpose. God kept me alive to a reason. Woman stopped using drugs when man drops dead right in front of her. #purpose #faith #God #reasonforlife #drugs #portraitsofthejerseyshore

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