Portraits of the Jersey Shore From Homeless to Church Home, homelessness in the U.S., a story of hope. #hope #homelessness #portraitsofthejerseyshore #inspirational #inspiration

From Homeless to Church Home

“My wife and I were homeless for a year not too long ago. I had lost my job, and fell into a really deep depression. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do nothing. We had to give up our child, and we lived by the parking lot at Walmart in Manahawkin. We stayed there for a whole year.

“But we started to go to church, and began praying every day. We finally woke up one day, and it was like God was saying, ‘Go to church,’ and we went. The church was so great. They supported us, got us food, clothes, and helped us get a place to live. I started working seven days a week, my wife worked too, and we got back on our feet. We got our lives back, we got our daughter back, and now we live in Brick. Life is so much better now.”

~ Brick

Homeless couple is forced to give up child. Then they began to pray, and GOD MOVED. Be inspired. #inspire #inspirational #homelessness #faith #prayer #portraitsofthejerseyshore

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