portraits of the jersey shore marines on holiday

Marines On Holiday

“We are all currently active duty in the United States Marine Corps. We are all on holiday leave visiting friends and family here.

“We joined because we wanted to leave the nest, explore the world, and have an adventure. We all joined pretty soon out of high school.

“We have a lot of pride in being Marines. The Marines helped us break bad habits, and create good ones. You are a ‘Statue of discipline,’ they like to call it.

“We don’t worry about the way the world is and the possibility of war. We want to serve our country. It’s why we joined. We walk around in our uniform, and people thank us for our service, and we haven’t really done anything yet. We just got started. We don’t want to go to combat, but if we do, we will go with pride to serve our country.”

~ At the Hamilton Mall, Mays Landing

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