Delivered by forceps

Acupuncture Changes Disabled Man’s Life

“I was delivered by forceps. It paralyzed the left side of my body. I was sick a lot growing up, and I was weak physically. In my early to mid-teens I started turning my life around. I decided I wasn’t going to settle for being the kid who couldn’t go out on the playground, or be the subject of ridicule for being different than other kids like I was growing up, so I changed my mindset. I stopped thinking about what I couldn’t do, and started focusing on the things I could do as I got older. I started eating natural foods, and did yoga and started doing acupuncture. I went on to work for the Postal Service for 38 years.

“I think if I kept listening to the doctors, I would be dead or in a wheelchair right now. They had me on so many medications. The acupuncture did a great job of offsetting a lot the symptoms and ailment I was experiencing from my disability. In my 50’s my blood pressure was getting really bad, and my acupuncturist straightened that all out without medication. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today with such great health if it wasn’t for Eastern medicine. I wish it was more widely accepted here in this country. It literally changed my life.”

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