Health and Wellness Coach

Health and Wellness Coach

I am a health and prosperity coach. I am also a Zumba instructor. I have two boys, and it’s great because I get to design my life and my schedule around them. I love helping people with their health, and helping them do whatever they want with their lives.

“I meet with people who have never worked out before, and have never really focused on their health, and just by giving them these little tools I help them see that it is possible to have the healthy life they desire. I think a lot of people struggle with their health and their weight at some point in their lives. As I growing up as a teenager, I was real self-conscious of my body. I was in dance and in sports, and some people would look at me and think, ‘Oh, she is in shape.’ But but I was eating junk, and I felt like crap. And over the years I struggled with the way I viewed myself and my body. What I have learned along the way in my journey I now pass along to others.

“I actually was an architect before I started doing this. I was working at this health and wellness business on the side during my pockets of free time. I thought that eventually down the road my health and wellness would be something I would do full-time. But while I was pregnant with my first son, I was let go let go from my job. I definitely had this moment of panic, but I am a huge believer in God and that everything happens for a reason. So I didn’t let that keep me down. I allowed it become a positive and I saw that I actually could follow my dream of being a health and wellness coach full-time. I am also a big believer in Karma, so I worked on releasing negativity towards that person who let me go.

“But it really did turn out to be one of the best things that happened in my life. Because now I am being a light and a positive influence in people’s lives, What I work on with women is never about just the way they look. I mean people feel more comfortable with themselves when they look good. But it’s about filling your body with great nutrition so you can feel your best. If you eat healthy foods, the weight will come off, and then you will feel more motivated to work out. What I am doing is not a quick-fix. I am setting them up for a complete lifestyle change, so they are not just losing the weight for that vacation or that wedding, and then go back to those old habits. Instead I help them start new habits that changes their lives long-term.

“I have two boys now, a two-and-half-year-old, and a six-month-old. And my husband is my biggest supporter. I truly believe that this is what I am meant to be doing with my life, and I am so happy and so thankful that I get to do this.”

~ Point Pleasant

 — with Allison Hoffmann Devereux

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