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Empty Nester Misses Only Son

My son is 19. He and I have always been close, though he seems to be a little more distant emotionally now. But he is a man now, I get it. He still talks to me about girls all the time, asks me for advice. In August he went off to Florida for college. Just recently I realized that I am an empty nester now. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but because I was a single mom raising my son his entire life, I invested my whole life in him.

“Now that he has gone off to college, I realize I am lost as to who I am now. I think I am still 22, but I’m really not. I don’t know who I am anymore. It took me two weeks to realize that he was actually gone at school. I would open his bedroom door and it would be empty, and I would realize that this is my life now. So now I have to reassess my life.

“I have not dated someone in a very long time. The dating world is so different now than when I was younger, it’s so crazy out there. It’s a game that I just don’t enjoy. I speak my mind, I am confident, I love sports… and I’m like, ’Why wouldn’t anyone want to date me?’ But it is a terrible dating scene out there. I have friends, but it does get lonely at times. I am still young, and I know I have my whole life ahead of me, but I have to figure out who I am now.”

~ Seaside Park

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