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Point Pleasant Proud Father

“The happiest moment in my life was when each of my children were born. I have a 24 year old, a 23 year old, a 19- and an 18-year-old. They changed my life dramatically. I was kind of wild before that. I was a party person. I traveled a lot, I was always on the go. Once I had children, everything slowed down. Then I got married, I was a father, became a home-owner, had responsibilities, and I liked it.

“I am a country boy at heart. I grew up in the south where everything is about the home and the family. I came from a big-structure family. My parents taught me to be the best provider I can be. I love being a father. It is the greatest gift in the world.

“I always want to do better. I tend to be a big procrastinator. I always wanted to own homes. I grew up thinking that I would one day own a whole block of homes, and just rent them out and have everybody grow up the way I grew up, where everyone knows each other. It would be a community where everybody is loving each other, looking out for each other, and there is no mess in it. That’s what I grew up with, and I wish our society would get back to that. Today’s world is hard, and we need each other…we need community to make it through.”

~ Point Pleasant

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