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Good Samaritans Help Impoverished Children in Uganda

“Our dad is a surgeon, and two times a year he goes to Uganda to operate on people who have no doctors to help them. He saves lives there. We are going to Uganda to bring school supplies to the children there. We have raised money by selling lemonade at a stand and stuff like that. They don’t have a lot of stuff there. So we are going there for the first time and we are going to take care of the patients after their surgery. We are going to make sure the patients are comfortable and ok, and we will serve them food.

“We are studying about their country and culture in homeschool this year. We have seen pictures of their houses, and the lucky ones have a metal roof over their house. A lot of them live in houses that are made out of sticks and mud, and their bathrooms are just a hole in the ground for some of them. They don’t have any electricity. They go to the river to wash their clothes in it. Our life is full of electricity and three meals a day, and their life they are lucky if they get one meal.
It really makes us appreciate how good we have it here.

“They live in a war-torn country. Uganda is just a war-zone, and the kids are running for their lives, and it is our job to help them. They are human beings just like us. We are going there because they are human beings just like we are and they need our help. Some of them are refugees, kids that are running away so they aren’t forced to join the Lords Resistance Army. They are forced to join or they or their moms are killed. We really care about them. My sister and I are trying to raise money for the school supplies. We are bringing stuff for them to help them for school, because it is hard for them to even get paper and pencils and books, and my dad is bringing medical supplies for them.

~ POTJS Note, from their fundraising page: “The school has 227 students, including 18 orphans, ages 3 – 14. Some of the hardships they face are lack of textbooks, poor conditions, shortage of beds for the boarders, unsanitary bathrooms, and a lack of computers and hands-on tools for science.
We asked the principal for a wish list of items we can bring, and here is what he requested:
1. Toys for ages 3 – 6 years
2. Crayons
3. Colored pencils
4. Easy reading books
5. Board games and puzzles
6. Hands-on learning aides: stencils, plastic beakers, rectangular and triangular glass prisms, microscopes, lenses, measuring cylinders
7. First Aid Kit with handbook
Every penny donated will be used to buy educational supplies for this school. We already raised $98 through lemonade stands and will continue selling lemonade to raise funds. Thank you for all your support! U can help Uganda!
Ebba and Cissi :-)”
If you would like to donate, a big thank you! Here is the link: https://kind.fund/campaign/u-help-uganda/851

~ Point Pleasant

 — with Tobias Carling and Kelly Perry Carling.

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