Portraits of the Jersey Shore Point Pleasant Retired Police Officer

Point Pleasant Retired Police Officer

“I am just happy to wake up every day. I retired as a police officer from Passaic. I saw a lot as a policeman. One time there was a house on fire, and the parents were on the front lawn screaming that their kids were trapped inside. I wasn’t a fireman, but I knew what I had to do. I ran inside, and there was fire everywhere. I ran upstairs to the kids’ bedroom, and they were crying. They were infants. I scooped them up, and got them to their parents. I was scared, that’s for sure. But I did what I had to do.

The hardest thing I ever experienced was this one time, I had just gotten off duty, I witnessed with my own eyes a truck run over a father and his child. They were crossing the street and they hadn’t accounted for how wide of a turn an 18-wheeler truck takes when it is making a turn. The truck ran over the father’s chest and took half of the child’s head off. It was right by the police station. There was nothing I could do. I just went home and hugged my children. Yeah, I have seen a lot. ”

~ Point Pleasant

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