Sand, Sea & Rescue:

Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore

Highlighting the dedication, courage, and passion of the Lifeguard, this book promises to be the beach book of the summer! Order your copy of the book that is already making waves across the Shore region today.

"Sand, Sea & Rescue: Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore" by Author Gregory Andrus

Dignity of All

Having interviewed thousands of strangers over the last six years to hear their unique stories, Gregory Andrus is convinced that we can find peace, wellness, hope and healing through the ancient communication of sharing stories. Through riveting anecdotes and beautiful portraits, Gregory will captivate your audience while inspiring them to show grace and compassion to others.

Gregory sitting on a pier with a camera

Sharing Stories.  Sharing Compassion.

Sand, Sea & Rescue

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Discover this beautiful coffee table book filled with compelling first-person stories, alluring photos, and 25 audio recordings of Jersey Shore lifeguards.

Portraits and Stories

Homeless Now in Church

It is Gregory's quest to be a light of compassion and empathy through the portraits and stories shared here. Read through interviews and thoughts.



Gregory is available to speak at churches, schools, conferences, and other events, sharing about his past and his mission to highlight the dignity of all.

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