Domestic Violence Survivor (Part I)

Every once in a while, I get sideswiped by a story that I could never had anticipated. This morning was one of those times… I went to Wawa for some coffee. I had no idea of the profound encounter I would have with this cashier, Nakia. After I asked how she was doing, she told me the truth, ‘I am homeless, I live in a shelter, and God spared my life after I got into a really bad car accident this weekend. I pray all the time, and God’s angels protected me.’ There were a few people in line behind me, but I told her in a quiet voice that I was so thankful she was safe. Then I asked, ‘Nakia, are you doing ok? Why are you homeless?’ She answered honestly, ‘I need help. I live in a shelter with my daughter for women escaping domestic violence.’

But I wasn’t done. I got my food, and waited behind 10 people so I could come back and see Nakia. When Nakia saw me, she asked her boss if she could talk to me privately, which she was granted. We met in the side of the room, where she proceeded to tell me about the temporary home for women seeking shelter from domestic violence. She told me how she lives there with her daughter, and how her daughter is turning 16 in November, and how she has no presents to give her. She told me how the town gave her a room to hold a birthday party for her daughter, which will be the first one she will have had since she was five. I told her that I will let you all know that her 16-year-old daughter needs presents, and see what we can do to help her. The party is on November 17th. (Follow up next post)