“I Just Came Out as a Trans Man Two Months Ago”

“I just came out as a trans man two months ago. For a lot of my life I was not excited about my future, but now it feels like there is something finally good going on in my life.

“It took me a solid year to figure it out, and it took me over a year to slowly come out to people. First I had to say it out loud to myself. Then I said it out loud to my therapist. There is a reason it is called a transition. Maybe for some people there is a light switch moment, but for me it was a series of allowing myself to be who I am.

“I have never told my parents that I am a trans man. Growing up I have never felt like I had their approval, so I decided about a week ago that I am never going to my parents house again. I am not going home for the holidays, nothing. I don’t ever want to see them again. It’s ok though. The way I feel about it, is it was easier to walk away than to know or feel that I was a disappointment to them. Maybe someday my feelings about it will change, but it is just way too raw for me right now.

“But I have my own chosen family though. The people I choose to have in my life are far more important, at least to me, than the people who are assigned to me by the luck of the draw.”

~ Asbury Park