Homeless, Hit By Car and Recovering - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

Homeless, Hit By Car and Recovering

“God will take care of me when I get out, I know he will.

(POTJS Note: This is Andrew. Many of you may remember him from when I interviewed him at a warming center on a sub-zero night in early January. He had gotten out of prison the previous September, and had been homeless since. After posting his story from the warming center, someone offered hm a place to live and things were looking up. Then on February 26th, he was hit head on by a car. Thankfully he survived. He is starting to do better, and I visited him today to listen to what he had to share. Now with his permission I share with you all…)

“On Sunday morning, February 26th, I was riding my bike at 8:30 in the morning in South Toms River to church, when a woman driving her truck hit me head-on from behind. After she ran me over she kept going. She said she didn’t even know she hit me when they found her. I was laying in the middle of the highway, and I was scared to death because there was traffic all around me and I thought I was going to get killed for sure.

“I had my hip broken… it was completely busted. Also a vertebrae in my back got broken. They put a stainless steel hip in me. I used to be able to ride my bike 50 miles a day, and now I cannot walk but a couple of steps a day. This is going to be a year-long process for recovery for me.

“People have been amazing since I have been here. There has been a line of people visiting me. People have shared my story on Facebook, and they all have been very supportive. You know what? In general, people are really good. They have been so good to me.

“It wasn’t always this good for me. I was an alcoholic most of my life, and I was miserable. My life was so unmanageable. You couldn’t tell me anything, and I had nobody in my life. I went to federal prison for 14 years for robbing a bank, and it was in prison that I finally woke up. I said, ‘This isn’t any way to live!’ Now I have all of these good friends that look out for me, like my friend, Joy. She calls me and texts me every day while I am in here. She comes in and sees me. And my other friends, Guy, Kenny, Timmy… I have good people in my life. It’s amazing. I have changed my life around so much. After all the years with everything I have been through, I finally like me now.

“A lot of things are up in the air for me in my future when I get out. I can’t go back to the place I was living in as that situation has changed, so I basically homeless again. But I look at it as it is in God’s hands. A friend of mine just this morning told me, ‘Andrew, it is in God’s hands. It will work out.’ God will take care of me when I get out, I know he will.”

~ Toms River

Original interview can be found here.

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