A Story on Valentine's Day - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

A Story on Valentine’s Day

“I didn’t start dating anyone until I was 23. I was raised by a single mom, so I knew how not to be treated, and that is why I stayed single so long. Every date I was asked out on, I would say, ‘No.’ And everyone would say, ‘But it’s a free meal, go and have a nice dinner! Maybe you’ll have a nice conversation.’ And I would just say, ‘If I want a free meal and a free drink, I will just go out to dinner with my mom.’

“My mom is my entire world. That lady worked seven days a week every week all of her life just to put a roof over me and my sister. If I was ever to go out with a crappy guy, she would never sit back and let it happen. I have always had her to be my backbone. I don’t need anyone to make me complete.

“If I find somebody to join me on the journey, that’s great, but I am not going out there looking for that person. I have the people in my life who love me, like my mom and my sister.

“Every year on Valentine’s Day I wake up, and my mom has flowers for me. That’s my mom. She loves me, and that’s all I need.”

~ Bridge Ave Barber Shop
Point Pleasant Borough

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