Painful Childhood Leads to Healing Others - Portraits of the Jersey Shore

Painful Childhood Leads to Healing Others

“I had a tough childhood. In a way, I had to raise myself. I grew up really quick. But because of what I went through it helped me to be less judgmental of others, and be more compassionate. People would be so rude to me and have no idea what happened to me. People can be really mean to each other and not even realize how it can affect the other person.

“I went through quite a lot at a young age. I have been learning to stop beating myself up and blaming myself for what I went through. Life is too short. I am a Psych major at Rutgers now. I want to learn about how our emotions impact our brain. I think science can help a lot with the mental health of people, and I want to help people. I am the kind of person that people can talk to, and I want to use what I learn and what I went through to help people.”

~ Keyport

Painful childhood helping others. Using what happened in her past to be a help to others going through tough things in their lives. #inspire #changetheworld #child #college #portraitsofthejerseyshore

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