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“Love Thy Neighbor” Becomes Reality for Homeless Family

Hi POTJS community, it is my great joy and privilege to share with you all a significant follow-up to the homeless family I met the weekend before Thanksgiving. Thanks to the outpouring of support from the story I shared here, there has been a cascade of food and clothing donated, and jobs offered. Today, I got the joy off sharing a check of well over $3,000.00 to the father of the family. All money donated was specifically by the POTJS community. Here is Robert and Marlene and two of their children. Robert wanted to share a special ‘Thank you…’

“Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us. This means so much. It was devastating to have been ripped out of where we were living, and brought down to our knees. But then to have the community come together and help us like this has really strengthened my faith that God is watching over us and that everything will be ok. To see all the comments and people wanting to help when you shared our story showed me that community still exists, that ‘Love thy neighbor’ is still real. This money and the job I have now is going to put a roof over our heads permanently. We will no longer have to move from hotel to hotel every few days with our 8 kids. It was especially hard on them having no place to call their home. I thank everyone so much for all they have done. God has a plan for us, I can see that now.”

~ Toms River



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Homeless Family

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