Portraits of the Jersey Shore New Beginnings Church Outreach Interviews Homeless Family (Thursday)

Homeless Family

“Our life situation is kind of tough right now. We got evicted from our apartment a few days ago, and now are homeless. The company I worked for closed down, and I fell behind on rent, and now we have no home. We are living day to day right now, trying to find places to stay. The church has helped us a bit. No one really knew of our situation until now. This is the first time I am really talking about it. Their mom is still working, so it helps a bit. But I was the one that was paying the rent and the other bills paid. I have tried social services, but they need documentation that I just do not have, and I have talked with some family, and I have a few more numbers I can call. We have a place to stay for tonight and tomorrow night at least.”

***Update: I have created a page to help raise funds for this family, thanks to the overwhelming desire form so many people in this POTJS community who want to help! https://www.gofundme.com/dwqatk

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