Point Pleasant Borough Sewing St. Peters School

Grandma Keeps Sewing Craft Alive

“I am from Neptune. My business is called “Norma’s This and That Creative Sewing.” I buy something to make “this,’ and what is leftover I make with “that.” Everything here I made from scratch. I am retired now, since ’02, but I do craft shows from September to December every year, and do pretty well for myself at these shows.

“I graduated from high school in 1958, and I learned how to sew in my Home Ec class. I am a big woman, and I am tall, and I didn’t like skirts too short, so I made them myself. I have made my own clothes, my children’s clothes,my grandchildren’s clothes, and my great-grandchildren’s clothes. And I am still sewing for all of them. My grandchildren always say, “Grandma I am going to a baby shower, will you make something for me?” Or, Grandma, I need something for a friend, will you make something?” But they never ask me to teach them how to sew for themselves. I don’t think people today sew for themselves like we did when we were growing up, and it’s a shame.

“But people seem to appreciate what I make when I sell, and I have people from as far away as California who call me to ask me to make them something specific, which I will sell to them. I have been selling at craft shows for a long time, and it seems I have a lot of returning customers, and that makes me happy.”

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