Sea Sisters

Sea Sisters

Kara (On the left): “We are sisters, and we have lived at the shore our entire lives. We like to go out looking for sea glass and driftwood together, and one day we were like, ‘Hey, we can turn this into something.’ So I started making paw prints out of the sea glass, and other designs out of all of the driftwood and sea glass we find, and it just took off from there. We get our sea glass and driftwood from beaches anywhere from Belmar to Bay Head.”

Maryann (On the right): “We are beach people and love crafting, so it made perfect sense. We have always been close. I am older than her, and when she was younger and I had my friends over, she would always hang out with us, and it was always nice to have her with us. We are two of 4 sisters, and we are all close, but we are 18 years apart between the 4 of us.

“We have been very blessed in that we haven’t been through too many hardships together, but one time that was hard was when I was in a car accident when I was 19. This was up in Poughkeepsie. I got into a car with someone who was drinking and I was on the lap of my boyfriend in the front seat of the car. We hit a telephone pole doing 50 mph, and I almost died. My lung collapsed, my ribs broke, I chipped my tailbone, it was really scary.”

Kara: “I was at my best friend’s house, and it was super early in the morning, and my mom called me at 2 or 3 in the morning, and she told me ‘I am on my way to New York with Dad, Maryann was in a car accident.’ And I was freaking out because I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t get to her and I was just crying because I was so scared. I kept thinking I couldn’t lose my sister, my best friend.”

Maryann: “Luckily I was young enough to fully recover and I am totally fine now. Now I look at this as a learning experience. One interesting side note, is that the man whose lap I was on during the accident, ever since that happened we have been inseparable. He said he never realized how much he loved me until the accident. My mom has a picture of him carrying me through the front door of our house after I got out of the hospital. I am very happy to say that he is my husband now.”

Kara: “It’s great because her husband and my fiancé are best friends and they love going surfing together. But Maryann and I are still very close. Our family likes to have family reunions down in Cape May every year. The past couple of years the two of us booked a room a day ahead of the rest of the family just so we could have some drinks, do some shopping and get some dinner, and have some quality time, just the two of us alone. All my life she has always taken me under her wing. She has always taken me with her everywhere, and she has always been super protective of me. So now we are doing this project, and we are doing great! I already sold out of all of my paw prints today! I absolutely love doing this with her.”

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