Portraits of the Jersey Shore Asbury Park Puggle Survived Attack by Pitbull just before Superstorm Sandy Superdog Costume Halloween

Puggle Survived Attack by Pitbull

“He is our first dog. He is a Puggle name Prince. My daughter got him for me when she went away to college. I didn’t want a dog at first, but he became my best friend. He is a Superdog because he was attacked by a Pit Bull in 2012, a month before Sandy hit. He was in the hospital, almost died, the whole 9 yards. He has had some health issues since then. My daughter was walking him, and the Pit Bull got out of the owners’ yard and came right at him.

“We’re not breed specific, we love all dogs, and the particular dog who attacked him, it turned out was being trained to fight other dogs. I actually love Pit Bulls. It is not the breed, it is the owner and how they raise their dog. It is like a child, how are you going to raise them? He recovered, and a lot of people out here know Prince because after the Pit Bull attack and Superstorm Sandy, my daughter and I quickly reassociated him with his own kind… Bull Mastiff’s, Bulldogs, Pit Bulls, Great Danes, all of them, and he is doing great. That is why he is Superdog.

~ Ocean Grove

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