Portraits of the Jersey Shore Sandy Anniversary

Sandy Anniversary – A Day of Hope

his October 29th marks the 5 year anniversary of hurricane Sandy devastating the Jersey Shore, impacting tens of thousands of homes including my family’s home. This week I want to share about an organization that was started after Sandy hit, called Jersey Shore United. Born out of an urgent need from locals for any help they could get after they had nowhere else to turn, this organization started with a prayer and a determination to get people help, including rolling up their sleeves and doing the work themselves.

This week I will have a four-part-series featuring stories of how this organization has helped hundreds of people’s homes, including many of my neighbors. This coming Saturday is their 5 year anniversary event, A Day of Hope, which comes full circle for me, as JSU started with a Night of Hope right in my driveway. It is founded by Barry Moll, a man of deep faith and deep love for his neighbors, whether ones on his street, or ones he has never met before living many miles away.

There are still hundreds of families without homes at the shore, plus JSU is branching out to help hurricane victims in Texas and Puerto Rico. To find out how you can help, or to find more information about the exciting Day of Hope at the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove this Saturday… (Where I also happen to be speaking this Saturday), please click here: http://jerseyshoreunited.org/

(Photo with permission from JSU. Barry Moll is in the blue shirt)

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