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nonprofit startup to help less fortunate

“On Sept 23rd I am doing a tea for Just B.E. at the Lavallette First Aid station. Just BE is a new nonprofit I started, and one of the things we do, is we provide basic essentials for the homeless and the needy of NJ. WE have done a few projects already. In February we collected feminine products for homeless women, which were donated to the Atlantic City Mission, Providence House, and Tent City in Howell. The second thing we did was collect toiletries and made blessing bags for all the people who live in Tent City. We also go once a month to Tent City and cook them dinner.

“The tea event is to jump start Just BE… I also want to help the veterans, because a lot of veterans are impoverished, which is just sad. We also sent out these little blue Chinese containers to people who follow us on Facebook, and wanted to help and asked them to fill them up with loose change. We ended up handing out 100 of them to people who wanted to help. We raised over $1,000.00. Which is amazing because it’s just loose change.

“As we do projects, we need volunteers for different activities we are going to do. Like when we are doing outreaches to the veterans, or Tent City, we will need people to volunteer on different days to help us with that. One of the men on our Board, he lost his leg, so he helps out veterans who are getting prosthetics, and we will need volunteers to help with that. So we will need other people.

“What we want to do is be a foundation that helps other non-profits. We want to be a hub, a resource for the other non-profits that are working so hard in our area. Another key aspect of this non-profit is that there are so many non-profits out there, and so few people seem to know they exist. What I will do is create a database of all of them that I am aware of so I can get exposure for them. Like Chapter 2 for girls who are pregnant and can no longer live at home, or Helping Families in Need in Ocean County. Non-Profits like these are all around us, and so few people know about them. These nonprofits are out there, and I have a strong desire to give back.

“Now that I live in Seaside Park, I want to get the word out on the island that I am starting this non-profit up, and see who wants to help. We will have a video of the work we have done with Tent City, live music entertainment, and will be explaining to everyone there what we want to do with Just BE, and seek new volunteers. Tickets for the tea are still available. If anyone wants to come to the tea, it is Saturday, September 23rd, at 2pm. My FB page is:https://www.facebook.com/justbasicessentials/

~ Lavallette

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