Portraits of the Jersey Shore Schizophrenic Survivor Ocean Grove-

Schizophrenic Survivor Ocean Grove

“The spirits are really battling me today. They are always guiding me what to do. Sometimes I get into fights. Sometimes they render me immobile. I like to keep to myself. You are one of the few people I talk to.”

(POTJS Note: I first met Bert in the fall of 2015 not long after I started this page, and have run into him several times since. He always goes for long, fast walks on the boardwalk, like he is trying to escape something and find peace of mind. I met him again last week, and we sat down to talk for a little while. I know he likes to keep to himself, so I feel honored that he always sits down with me to talk. We share our stories with each other, and he always asks me how Portraits of the Jersey Shore is doing. He welcomes me sharing about him. He wants people to know what the struggles of schizophrenia are like. He can look intimidating because he is so tall and big, but he is always so kind to me, and always lets me give him a hug before we leave. I am so glad I met him. I just wish I knew what else I could do help him. Comment below is my very first post with him from November 2015.)

~ Asbury Park

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