"Sand, Sea & Rescue: Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore" by Author Gregory Andrus

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Sand, Sea & Rescue

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Over 120 pages of interviews, portraits, and audio recordings highlighting the dedication, courage, and passion that is the calling of the first responders of the beach: the Lifeguard.

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About the Book

Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore Sample Page

The Jersey Shore is the crown jewel of New Jersey summers, and it is the hundreds of lifeguards standing watch over virtually every foot of sand along its 130-mile coast who keep it safe. These brave men and women put their lives on the line day-in, day-out for the duration of the summer, with one goal: making sure everyone is safe.


But what compels these lifeguards to sign up for a job that calls them into danger at any given moment?

Author and photographer Gregory Andrus set out in the summer of 2021 to find out. The result is a beautiful coffee table book filled with compelling first-person stories and striking film photos of these courageous people. This book also includes a very unique addition of 25 audio recordings of the lifeguards sharing their stories in their own voices, via QR code! This book is already making waves across the Shore region, and promises to be the beach book of the summer!

Tim Harmon-Crop copy

"I got it and read it until 4 a.m.
I am blown away by it."

Tim Harmon
Chief of Lifeguards and Emergency Management Coordinator
Borough of Sea Girt, NJ

Book Features

9" X 9" Soft Cover 128 pages

Compelling Stories

First-person accounts directly from interviews with over 50 lifeguards keeping watch along the 130-miles coast of the Jersey Shore.

Gorgeous Photography

This beautiful coffee table book is absolutely filled with alluring photos of Jersey Shore lifeguards.


Hear from the lifeguards in their own voices by scanning the 25 QR codes found in the book with your phone.

Scan the QR code in the Sample Page below.

Sample Pages


"This is such an amazing thing Gregory has done for the community and I absolutely can’t wait to see the reaction this book gets when it is released."

Tyler Andreas
Seaside Heights Beach Patrol

About the Author

Gregory Andrus overcame a decades-long battle with alcoholism and homelessness. When he was 28 years old he was shot in the back of the head as an innocent bystander caught in the middle of a police chase. After getting a second chance at life, he developed a deep faith in Jesus, quit drinking, and has devoted his life to sharing the hope he has from overcoming his circumstances with others he meets along his journey. He is now a husband and a father of two delightfully energetic and curious boys. He runs a locally prolific page on Facebook and Instagram where he shares street interviews of people he meets around the shore. When Gregory is not spending quality time with his family or conducting interviews, he can be found going for long walks with his beloved Golden Retriever, Blue, preferably at his favorite place in the world, the beach. You can contact him to speak at your organization, school, church, etc. through his email andrusgregory@gmail.com.

Gregory Andrus, Author/Photographer

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Sand, Sea & Rescue

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